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Financial questions?

Get answers from our trusted Nerdwallet advisors. It’s just like texting a friend — a friend with tons of financial know-how.

  • Advice when you want it.

    Get answers on your own time. Our in-house team of trained advisors are ready to chat wherever, whenever.
  • Finances, explained.

    No jargon. No pressure. Just simple answers to your complex financial questions.
  • Answers just for you.

    Financial advice is never one size fits all. Get personalized help based on your situation and goals.

Here's how it works

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    Chat with an advisor

    Not sure where to begin? No problem. Choose from a list of suggested questions or just start chatting. We'll ask the right questions to get you going.

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    Take action

    Start reaching your goals right away with a clear, jargon-free action plan made just for you.

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    Stay on track

    Check back in to make sure you’re on track for success. Or to ask another question. We’re here to help!

Better advice, better decisions


Powered by real people

Our team of trusted financial advisors are ready to intelligently answer all of your questions.

Pick up where you left off

No need to remind us who you are. We’ll keep track of your financial profile and goals so we can jump straight into giving you the best advice for your needs. Every time.

Safe and secure

  • Top-notch security

    We secure all communications with our customers with standard 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure that your data is safe.
  • Never too personal

    Our advisors will never ask you to share your login information for any of your financial accounts. Ever.
  • No sales or spam

    Your data and email address will never be sold or shared with third parties for Marketing purposes.

How we make money

So how do we make money? In most cases, we receive compensation when someone opens a brokerage or advisory account through our site.

But rest assured, there is no cost to you to chat with our advisors. And we’re always on your side. Even if it means we don’t make a cent. Still have questions? Learn more.

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